Our motorcycle accident attorneys take many factors into consideration when trying to estimate how long it will take to settle a case.

How serious was the collision? Did it lead to complex injuries? A mishap resulting only in minor property damage can usually be settled quickly; a more serious accident can take much longer.

If you’ve been involved in a severe motorcycle accident, even though you may be looking for a prompt settlement to your claims, it may not be in your best interest to take what’s first offered by the other driver and the insurance company.

The settlement money from a motorcycle accident personal injury claim will most likely be issued by the insurance company of the driver at fault; and the fact is, the professional insurance adjuster’s job is partly to make sure you get as little as possible. The adjuster represents the other side.

A premature settlement may initially be attractive, but will it address your long-term medical expenses for the injuries sustained during the accident? Will a fast settlement take into consideration your work stoppage, your of loss wages, or the expenses that may build up long after the case is settled?

Your attorney is the one looking out for your best interests. It’ll be worthwhile discussing with your attorney the merits of a fast settlement before you make a hasty and often unfortunate decision.

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