If you have a home that is about to be foreclosed upon, an eviction could occur as a result.

If your home is foreclosed and sold at auction in the state of Missouri, you should get 30 day's notice before the start of a court-ordered eviction process. During that time, you should pack and start looking for a new place to live, or face eviction.

In Kansas, the homeowner can stay in the home for 90 days after the sheriff’s sale. If the homeowner isn’t redeeming the mortgage, they have to be out by the 91st day or face eviction action, including occupancy charges, rent payments to the new owner, and court time and fees.

If you're a tenant living in a home that's been foreclosed, you do have rights under federal law. In 2009 Congress passed the “Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act,” which allows you to stay in the home at least until the end of your lease period. Month-to-month tenants are allowed to stay for 90 days before having to vacate the premises.

There is an exception for buyers who intend to live at the new property. They're allowed to terminate any lease with 90 days’ notice.

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