For a lot of personal injury cases, getting in an accident while receiving unemployment won't affect your unemployment benefits very much, if at all. There are a couple of possible exceptions:

Very severe injuries

If you have a severe enough injury that you won't be able to find work again, or your work options will be severely limited, you might not continue to receive unemployment benefits because you'd likely then be eligible for other benefits instead — like Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Once you're set up with SSDI, your injury case shouldn't affect your benefits at all. And our attorneys are able to help you if you get denied SSDI on first application.

Compensation for Lost Wages

If you receive compensation for lost wages, your unemployment office may reduce your benefits as a result, at least for a time. Settlement payments for other losses, like medical bills and pain and suffering, aren't considered wages and shouldn't affect your benefits.

Workers' Compensation

If the injury occurred on the job and then you lose employment, your workers' comp benefits might affect your unemployment benefits. That's usually determined on a state-by-state basis, and can vary depending on your specific case and the workers' comp benefits you're eligible to receive. Our Kansas City personal injury lawyers also handle workers' comp claims, and we can help you figure out how your situation will be affected.

If you're concerned about how your unemployment benefits might play into your injury case, our Kansas City personal injury firm is the right place for you. Along with personal injury, we help our clients with SSDI appeals and workers' comp claims. We're very familiar with the system and how it affects certain benefits.

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