It's hard to say what any motorcycle accident claim might be worth without speaking personally about each specific situation.

There are hundreds of issues to take into consideration, so an attorney can't suggest, and a judge can't award, an amount until an exhaustive investigation has determined all the different elements. This includes medical treatment, lost wages and property, and loss of future income.

Just as with car accidents, the courts will allow a plaintiff who has sustained injuries in a motorcycle accident to be awarded both economic and non-economic damages.

Non-economic damages include pain and suffering, and mental anguish. Economic damages take into account such consequences as lost wages and medical expenses.

The attorney you select should have handled situations like yours before, and the firm needs to have the resources to research your case and see what precedents exist. Previous cases like yours will help determine what your pain and suffering are worth, or what your future earning potential — now threatened by the injuries you sustained — might have been.

It’s safe to say nearly every possible motorcycle accident has already occurred somewhere, and a situation very much like your own has probably already made its way into the court system and been resolved. By researching your case and seeing what similarities might exist to another case, your motorcycle accident attorney will be able to suggest a proper settlement.

All this will take time, though, and you may have to resist the impulse to settle quickly for convenience’s sake.

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