The way helmets relate to your motorcycle injury case will depend in part on where the accident happened. Almost every state in the union has motorcycle helmet laws, but they vary. Some states call for all riders and passengers to wear helmets at all times while others require them only for motorcyclists under a certain age.

The laws also affect where you are riding: Was it a local road or an interstate highway? Or did the accident happen off-road?

In Missouri, the law says every person operating or riding a motorcycle or a motor tricycle on any state highway must wear protective headgear while the vehicle is in motion. The helmet must meet the standards and specifications of the state.

In Kansas, helmets are only legally required for those 17 years or younger, but state regulations do call for wearing eye protection while riding.

These laws often can and do change, so it’s smart to keep abreast of them by checking the state legislature websites.

So can you still recover money for a motorcycle accident if you weren't wearing a helmet? It's certainly possible, but it may be tougher to do so in Missouri, which requires you to wear a helmet, than in Kansas which does not.

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