An average of 5,000 fatalities occur annually because of road and traffic accidents involving trucks. Sometimes these truck accidents occur because of dangerous driving, but they can also happen as a result of malfunctioning equipment or poorly maintained parts.

A truck will spend a lot more hours on the road than a family sedan. Additionally, trucks are driven at high speeds — often faster than the posted speed limits — in all sorts of inclement weather, and they carry huge and sometimes dangerous or hazardous cargos. They require the kind of care and attention that is rarely paid to the car you drive to work every morning, particularly when it comes to tires and braking systems.

Since maintenance is an expensive proposition, some companies or truck owners may be tempted to cut corners.

If a defect causes an accident, the manufacturer of the truck or the specific part may be liable. If poor maintenance caused the truck to malfunction, the trucking company or truck owner (if he or she is an independent contractor) may be at fault.

Large truck accidents cause much more damage than do accidents involving only automobiles. You’ll need help to establish a case and see it to its rightful conclusion.

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