Generally a hotel isn't responsible for crimes committed on or near the premises; but there's an exception to this rule if the hotel should have anticipated the crime and failed to prevent it.

For instance, if a hotel is located in a high-crime area but doesn’t have any additional safety measures in place — such as locked windows and bright lighting — it could be liable. Hotels also must warn of any known criminal problems in the area.

If you become injured while at a hotel, liability will depend on the situation. If you slipped, tripped or fell on the hotel premises due to a spill on the ground or snowy sidewalk, for example, the hotel may be liable. If you have an accident due to inadequate lighting or poor maintenance, the same holds true.

Among other miscellaneous issues, a hotel may be held liable for your safety if it fails to meet local fire codes, has weak locks, broken smoke detectors or employs someone who commits a crime.

If a hotel has a pool, they are responsible for your safety around the pool. In addition to basic safety precautions — such as posting a notice that you're swimming at your own risk — hotels must also anticipate that children and intoxicated adults will most likely still use the pool regardless of any warnings and must put appropriate safeguards in place.

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