Texting while driving — whether reading a text or email or composing one — is an extremely dangerous distraction that often leads to disastrous results.

It’s estimated that texting while driving cases more than 1.6 million accidents per year, with 330,000 people being injured and thousands being killed as a result. 

Even though the overwhelming majority agrees that texting while driving is unacceptable, studies have shown that most people have done it. And we all know how tempting it can be, even with the risks involved. That's why there are rules in and around the Kansas City area to prevent this dangerous habit.

Currently in Missouri, laws banning the practice of texting while driving applies to younger drivers under the age of 21. In Kansas, all drivers are prohibited from texting while driving and novice drivers are not permitted to use cell phones at all while driving a car.

Our personal injury attorneys see the terrible results of distracted driving every day. If you need to text while on the road, pull off the road and do so from a safe vantage point. If you’re waiting on an answer to your text, do not start driving until you have received it.

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