While your Kansas workers' comp payment may vary based on the severity of your injury, payments for KS workers’ comp claims are generally based on two-thirds or 66% of your weekly pay, with a maximum of 75% of the state-wide average income.

This amounts to a current maximum weekly benefit of $570, with Permanent Total Disability capped at $155,000 and Temporary Total or Permanent Partial Disability payments capped at $130,000.

These figures are based on how significantly your workplace injury impairs your ability to work. As you can see, a claim that you're rendered completely incapable of working based on your injury could result in compensation over your lifetime totaling $155,000, whereas an injury that only limits some functionality or only has a temporary impact would reduce your maximum lifetime claims.

These payments are separate from medical and hospital expenses, for which there are no limits on workplace injuries where you're deemed not at fault.

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