Although you might think it's silly or an unnecessary complication to involve your insurance company in a minor fender bender, it's a good idea to report any and all accidents in which you're involved both to the police and to your insurance company. It's simple to report the incident just by calling the company or your agent. The number should be written on your insurance card.

Even if another driver was the victim of the accident and amicably declares that he doesn't need to be compensated or will not file a claim, it's still important to have the accident recorded on file in case there are any future, unforeseen complications.

It's possible that your vehicle or the other party’s vehicle has sustained damage that will only later be discovered, or it may be that either of you could develop subsequent injuries.

If you were the at-fault driver, it is especially important for you to let your insurance company know what happened. If you don't and the other driver later decides to process a claim against you, your insurance could find out and leave you financially responsible for the damages.

If you're worried that your premium rates may go up as a result of reporting an accident to your insurance company, remember your claim could increase even more if the other driver reports you as being at fault when you didn't report the claim.

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