There's often no such thing as a minor nursing home abuse. As in other forms of abuse, it can be a sign of a larger pattern.

Even if injuries seem minor at first, an investigation may determine a nursing home abuse situation to be serious and potentially life-threatening. So it’s a good idea to err on the side of caution rather than to let potential abusers off the hook.

If you suspect abuse, even minor abuse, you should immediately call your local adult protective services office and contact the police. The investigation that results may reveal your loved one’s injuries were unintentional or accidental; but they may determine the abuse is serious and widespread.

A lot of times one abuser will repeatedly abuse at increasing severity. They also may abuse more residents than just your loved one. So while you may not have a claim at the moment you first suspect nursing home abuse, it's wise to inform an attorney as early as possible and let them investigate the situation.

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