After you've been in a car accident, you should never talk with the other driver's insurance company except through an attorney.

Our office sees the consequences of this mistake all the time. If you say the wrong thing to the other person’s agency, you might endanger a future claim. Remember your attorney is there to represent your interests and will be far more protective of you than the insurance company you may end up having to fight.

Never consent to giving a recorded statement to an insurance adjuster without hiring a lawyer, since you may not have all the facts pertaining to the accident you were involved in. Adjusters are trained to ask questions that may seem simple but could actually harm your case. The other driver’s insurance company may also have access to witnesses who saw something you did not, or who might not agree with your description of the accident.

Sometimes the other insurance company may request your medical records or other personal documents. These contain private information that could be used against you. As with any other information asked of you, always respond through your attorney, even and especially with medical records or other documents. It will protect your case in the long run.

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