In general, you should never talk with the other driver's insurance company after a traffic collision. Especially be careful not to say anything like “I’m okay” or “It was my fault.”

As an accident attorney, I've seen a lot of clients make this mistake. More than likely, you really don’t know exactly what happened, how it happened, how fast you were traveling, or even what your injuries will turn out to be.

A rush of adrenalin can mask the physical harm caused by an accident, and it may be days or weeks before you know the full extent of what occurred and who was at fault. Additionally, you may not be at your best after an accident, so don’t let anger or frustration lead you to say something damaging you might regret later.

Keep in mind the other person’s insurance company is not there to protect your interests. They company's job is to try to maximize your responsibility for the mishap and minimize those of its client — the person that hit you.

You have no legal obligation to give the other person’s insurance company an "official" statement, and you should be very careful about any information you provide on the record, even when you talk with the police. You should certainly be cooperative with law enforcement, but don't give out more information about yourself or the accident than strictly necessary.

Instead of falling into traps set by the insurance companies, let a motorcyle crash injury attorney be your spokesperson.

Our office can help. We know the system inside and out.  You want someone knowledgable on your side to resist the insurance company's sneaky tactics. 

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