You may have a case against the manufacturer if your airbags didn't deploy during an accident. To know for sure, there are a lot of questions that will need to be answered.

First, you'll have to prove the airbags malfunctioned and the manufacturer caused this malfunction.

In a product liability case, you don't need to prove that the car manufacture was negligent; but you do need to prove there was a defect in the airbag that caused it to behave incorrectly. You'll want to make sure there were no repairs or alterations to the car that might affect the airbags and lesson manufacturer liability. It’s a good idea to find someone qualified, like a quality mechanic, to look over the car and search for flaws. 

You'll also need to prove you were injured as a result of the malfunction, or that the malfunction compounded any injuries you received. Medical documentation of injuries is important. 

Keep in mind that airbags are designed to go off in very specific situations. Often it might feel as if the bags should deploy, when in fact the impact of the accident wasn't strong enough to justify deployment. Car manufacturers design airbags to exacting specifications, so you'll need to determine if the airbags were designed to go off in the type of accident you were in.

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