When your neighbor has a dangerous dog, how you respond should depend on the situation.

Dog laws can change depending on where you live, but generally the dog owner is responsible for a dog that gets off their premises and injures someone. If a dog gets loose and attacks you, or someone else, you can and should defend yourself. Do whatever you have to do and get yourself to safety.

If the dog caused an injury, document it with photos and notes and seek medical attention. Then, whether or not severe injury occurred, report the incident to Kansas City's animal control office immediately.

Animal control is trained to handle difficult situations and will need to get the dog off the streets before anyone else can be injured. After the incident, the city should follow up with you to get a clear picture of what happened.

If there's not an immediate danger, but you think your neighbor’s dog is vicious, being treated poorly, or that the dog poses a threat to your neighborhood, you should call animal control or the police. It's best to go to the authorities rather than do something that could put you at risk.

Remember, your neighbor is responsible for keeping their pet safely on their property. If that doesn't happen and someone gets injured by a dog, you should consult with an attorney to go over the details of your situation.

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