Slip and fall accidents are a common cause of serious injuries. Some accidents even result in tragic fatalities. They can happen in an instant and leave you confused as to what happened to you and what it was that caused you to fall.

The causes of slip and fall accidents vary quite a bit and depend on the building where you are located.

The following are a few of the most common reasons people slip and fall in public areas:

Slippery surfaces.

  • When food is spilled or there is a leak that is not attended to, floors can be slick and cause you to hit a slippery patch, quickly making your feet come out from under you. This can happen without warning because slippery surfaces are often difficult to see.

Uneven flooring 

  • Slip and fall accidents include tripping and falling. When a piece of flooring is warped or not properly installed, it can make it easy for you to trip and fall.

Poor lighting.

  • Some dangers are very difficult to see because the lighting in the area is so poor. When you are in a badly lit area, you are unable to see items in your pathway or potentially dangerous areas where you are walking—and this can lead you to slip and fall.

Inadequate warning

  • Sometimes property owners fail to warn people that an area is hazardous, such as when a floor has just been cleaned and is still wet, or when there is construction being done leaving wires and materials exposed and vulnerable to someone slipping and falling.


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