Exploitation in a nursing home setting is the illegal or improper use of a nursing home resident’s funds, property or assets.

It can take many forms and can include: misusing or stealing from an elderly resident’s bank account or possessions; coercing or deceiving a resident into signing any document that transfers financial ownership; and the improper use of conservatorship, guardianship or power of attorney.

Signs of exploitation include:

  • Sudden changes in an elder's bank account or banking practice, including the unexplained withdrawal of large sums of money.
  • The inclusion of additional names on a nursing home resident’s bank signature card.
  • Abrupt changes in a will or other financial documents.
  • Unexplained disappearance of funds or valuable possessions.
  • Bills going unpaid despite the availability of funds.
  • The sudden appearance of previously uninvolved relatives claiming their rights to a nursing home resident’s affairs and possessions.
  • A nursing home resident’s report of financial exploitation.


If you suspect your loved one is a victim of financial exploitation, you should talk to them immediately to get an idea of the extent of the financial loss. Many times your loved one will be unaware they're being exploited. If you don't already hold power of attorney you may want to obtain it to gain control of your loved one’s finances.

You should report the exploitation to police as well as adult protective services, and consult an elder abuse attorney to weigh your options.

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