Neglect is the refusal or failure on the part of a nursing home employee to provide adequate care. That care includes basic life necessities like food, water, clothing, shelter, personal hygiene, medicine, comfort and personal safety.

Some of the symptoms of nursing home neglect you should look out for:

  • dehydration
  • malnutrition
  • hazardous or unsanitary living quarters
  • untreated medical issues
  • bed sores
  • inadequate personal hygiene
  • inadequate clothing
  • soiled bedding

Sometimes you may even hear reports from your loved one that they're being neglected or mistreated.

The neglect of nursing home residents is serious and can be potentially life threatening.

In many cases neglect may be widespread and sign that a nursing home should be shut down. Further, it has been estimated that as many as half of the suspicious deaths at nursing homes can be attributed to neglect or to understaffed facilities as many of these centers are trying to cut corners financially.

When you visit your loved one at the nursing home, you should pay attention to the emotional and physical health of your loved one, and you should pay attention to the staff and facility.

Do the orderlies help you and behave kindly? Is the area kept clean, and do the other residents seem cared for and content?

If for some reason the staff members try to keep you out of the facility or limit your access, that could be an important sign your loved one is a victim of abuse or neglect.

If you suspect nursing home neglect you should contact local police as well as adult protective services. Call us today at 816-842-7100 to speak with an attorney. Or you can click here to email us and schedule your free consultation.