A mass tort is a specific kind of personal injury case in which there are many people suing together against a single company or entity. Those who are suing — the plaintiffs — must all have very similar cases, and are typically represented by the same group of lawyers. The “mass” in mass tort comes from the fact that there are a large number of plaintiffs, and sometimes law firms use mass media advertising to find even more people who may have been injured by the same source.

Many mass tort cases involve product defects. If, for example, a toaster had a defect that caused it to explode, everyone who was injured by those toasters could sue the manufacturers in a mass tort. This of course is a dramatic example, but there are many instances where product defects have seriously harmed consumers, like in dangerous drugs cases and automobile recalls. Other types of mass torts may be large man-made disasters, like environmental accidents.

While one consumer might not be able to go up against a large corporation, mass torts allow consumers and lawyers to fight as a force against these powerful groups. There is power in numbers, and being a part of a mass tort can help you get the compensation you deserve that you might not have gotten on your own.

Sometimes it's better for your case to pursue a claim individually. Our office can help you with a mass tort claim or individual case. We'll look at your unique situation and help you decide which option will best get you the compensation you need and deserve for your injuries.

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