To file for bankruptcy means that you're having trouble paying your debts and are seeking legal protection from your creditors. A lawyer who specializes in bankruptcy law will help you with all of the necessary paperwork and court filings, and will represent you at your court hearing.

Depending on which type of bankruptcy you qualify for, you may have to pay some of your debts back or may get them discharged, which means you're removed from the legal obligation to pay them. Bankruptcy can even help you stop foreclosure on your home and stop repossession of a car.

For many people, filing for bankruptcy is the best way out of a mounting and very stressful situation. If you’re having trouble paying your bills, receiving nonstop phone calls from creditors and collections agencies, having your wages garnished, or being sued by your creditors, you should seek the counsel of a bankruptcy attorney.

While filing for bankruptcy is a way to get a fresh financial start, it's also a big step. If you're considering bankruptcy in Kansas City, we can help you sort out all of your options and determine if filing is the right option for you. Contact our Kansas City bankruptcy attorneys to get started today with a free consultation.