If an employer chooses not to accept responsibility for an employee's work-related injury, the employee should immediately report the injury to the state workers' compensation commission and seek the help of an experienced workers' comp attorney who can look over the claim.

Workers' compensation is a mandated system, which means as long as the injury happened at work, it's not optional for the employee or employer. The employer can't just ignore the injury, and the employee has to act through the workers' comp system rather than filing a civil lawsuit.

If the employer refuses to report an injury, they can face fines and other punitive measures by the state workers' compensation board. Typically these punishments don't benefit the injured person per se, but they might be severe enough to convince the employer to report the incident properly.

If you've been injured while on the job, and your employer has denied your claim, ignored it entirely, or pressured you not to file a workers' compensation claim at all, you should contact a qualified workers' compensation attorney right away. A workers' comp lawyer can look over all the elements of your case and help you build as strong a claim as possible.

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