Most workers recover from their job injuries, but some continue to have medical problems. If your treating doctor says you'll never recover completely and will always be somewhat limited in your ability to work, you have a permanent disability.

Under the workers’ compensation law in Missouri and Kansas, if you're permanently and totally disabled from all types of employment, you may qualify for “permanent total disability benefits”.

If your physician determines you've suffered a permanent disability, you would be entitled to receive temporary total disability benefits for as long as you remain disabled. If you're not able to work, you would begin receiving a weekly income benefit based on the permanent disability rating given to you by your physician. Keep in mind, the weekly rate for these benefits is the same as the temporary total rate.

However, in order to qualify for these benefits, you must be unable to work in any line of work in the labor market because of the severity of your injury or occupational disease.

If you're totally disabled, you may qualify for Social Security disability benefits and workers' compensation. In some cases, but not all, Social Security disability benefits are reduced because of the receipt of workers’ compensation benefits.

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