It's actually fairly common for injuries to present themselves days, weeks, or in rare cases even months following an auto accident, especially in the case of spinal trauma. 

If you believe you were injured in a recent car accident, it's imperative you see a doctor as close to the occurrence of the accident as possible in order to prove the car accident and injury are related to each other. If you have any pre-existing injuries that were aggravated or damaged further, then an examination, x-rays, or whatever kind of assessment the doctor performs can document the change in the injury. 

Following a car accident, you should begin to chronicle your symptoms by writing them down as soon as you experience any kind of pain. This will provide an important record of your injuries that will later help to substantiate your claim. 

If you were indeed injured in an auto accident, you will want to hire a personal injury lawyer who can help to negotiate an appropriate settlement with the at-fault-driver’s insurance company. Without legal representation, there's a very real chance the insurance company will seek to take advantage of your vulnerability and legal inexperience. 

It is standard procedure to offer the injured party far less than they are owed, to trick the person into making official statements that will undermine the claim, and to pressure the person into signing a release that will prevent seeking any further compensation related to the accident.

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