Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows individuals to reorganize, consolidate, prioritize, and repay their debts on a pre-approved schedule.

The goal of this debt consolidation program is to give you a chance to catch up with your debts if you have sufficient income, as determined by the law. It can help stop foreclosure, repossession, garnishment of wages, lawsuits, and harassment by creditors and collection agencies. In fact, under the law, creditors aren’t even allowed to contact debtors who've filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can pay back creditors over a period of three-to-five years, and you get to keep all of your property.

During this time you aren't allowed to obtain any additional credit without the written permission of the bankruptcy court. A court-appointed trustee oversees the entire process.

Here are some benefits of filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy, also known as the “wage-earner” plan:

  • Individuals are protected from collection agencies and creditors.
  • Filers can keep their real estate and personal property.
  • It takes less time to rebuild your credit score because you're making monthly payments.


A qualified bankruptcy attorney can help you get everything in order for a Chapter 13. In addition to the bankruptcy petition, you must provide a Statement of Affairs, which includes:

  • All sources of income
  • Payments made to creditors within various periods of time
  • Whether you've been involved in any lawsuits
  • Whether you've made significant charitable donations


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