Bankruptcy is a serious undertaking, but often the only way out for people buried under mounting debt and nonstop phone calls from creditors.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a legal way for people to get rid of their medical bills, credit card debts, and unsecured personal loans if certain qualifications are met. There is a means test in which your income and expenses are examined to see if you are eligible. You must file a petition and a statement about your financial affairs, including:

  • A full list of creditors and amounts owed
  • Your income source and frequency
  • A list of all of your assets
  • A monthly living-expense report


If you're eligible for Chapter 7, a trustee will oversee the administrative tasks of your case. You can even keep all or many of your assets. Plus as soon as you file for Chapter 7, the creditors and collections agencies are required by law to stop calling and harassing you.

The Chapter 7 bankruptcy process usually takes about four months before the debts are discharged. After that, you have a fresh financial start and a chance to rebuild without the harassment and other debt-related challenges you faced before.

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