In a personal injury claim, you can be repaid for compensatory damages, which are also known as actual damages.

For the most part, items in this category reflect the financial losses you had as a result of your injury, along with compensation for emotional trauma (“pain and suffering”) you experienced as well. Here are some examples of compensatory damages:

Loss of income. If you've been unable to work because of your injury, you can be compensated for what you would have earned. If your injury will prevent you from earning as much as you did before the incident, or from working in the same field, you can also be repaid for future loss of income.

For example, if you were a construction worker who became disabled in a car accident, you can sue for what you would have earned had you not been disabled. If the injury resulted in death, a family member can be compensated for the loss of income that the family would have received as well.

Medical bills. The high cost of medical care is a huge factor in the amount of your personal injury settlement. It can also demonstrate how serious the injury was.

Property damage. If your property, like your car, was also damaged in the accident that caused your personal injury, you can be compensated for it. You can recieve money to cover the cost of the repairs or, if the property is irreparable, the market value of the item(s) before the accident.

Pain and suffering, emotional distress. While it usually can't be quantified with a bill or receipt, the anguish people experience in a traumatic accident is very real.

Loss of consortium and loss of guidance and care. Spouses and children of people who have been severely disabled or died as a result of their injury can be compensated for the emotional benefits they lost by having their loved one taken from them.

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