When you're picking a car accident lawyer, how do you know which ones to trust? Do you just look at their marketing? Do you focus on appearances, or their website, or where they're located?

In our work over the years, we've found three things that set apart a good car accident attorney:

Experience with car accidents

Does the attorney have experience in car accident cases or work for someone who does? If you ask the lawyer what their experience is in car accidents, can they answer you on the spot with examples or do they hesitate?

Excellent Service 

Does the attorney offer you anything extra to help you, even if it doesn't bring in more money for them? Do they give you free resources and high quality customer service? When you have questions, do they answer you quickly and respectfully?

A Commitment to Your Success

Some car accident lawyers might not take into account what you want and need. They just want to settle as quickly as possible so they can get their fee. Sometimes it's the right choice to settle, but how do you know for sure? You want an attorney you trust to fight for you, so that when they advise you to take a settlement you can feel confident with that decision.

Our office strives every day to offer our clients these three qualifications.

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