In most states, a successful product liability case has to prove:

  • the product was defective when you bought it
  • you were injured or suffered losses as a result of the product
  • the product was unreasonably dangerous
  • that you were using the product as it was intended


If you were using a nail gun and accidentally shot a nail in your finger because you weren’t paying attention, that alone isn't cause for a claim. However, if the nail gun malfunctioned while you were using it, causing your injury, you may have a legitimate product liability claim.

Additionally, a manufacturer, distributor or installer must warn the consumer about any hidden dangers of using the product, even if it isn’t defective. Failure to warn about a product’s hidden danger could result in a claim.

If you were injured by a power tool and believe you have a product liability case, it's important to contact a product liability attorney as soon as possible, since your case is probably time-sensitive.

You should also take pictures of the incident, and document any medical treatment you sought and received as a result of the injury. This could be helpful in making your case.

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