It's always good to receive more than one medical opinion regarding any significant ailment, whether it's a work-related injury or not. Companies will often employ their own doctors to consider workers’ comp claims, so there's obviously a bias involved in that situation.

You're entitled to consult with your own doctor, though some companies will not allow an additional doctor’s opinion to be considered if their own in-house doctor has already deemed an injury doesn't qualify for workers’ compensation, or if that doctor recommends a lower payment because they think your previous medical history is at play in this current injury.

You should always consult the policies and procedures of your company before you might sustain any injury. Along with that, you should also state in writing your desire to be able to consult your own doctor in case of any injury.

Most states provide you with the right to a second opinion, though there are guidelines that affect how long this may take. For a workers' comp claim in Kansas City, keep in mind the insurance only covers medical expenses for their pre-approved doctors. If you choose to have your injuries treated with your own physician, workers' comp may not pay that.

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