After you have been injured on the job, you are likely filled with questions about how you should negotiate with your employer to get the benefits you need. You may be wondering:

  • Will I get a fair settlement?
  • Will I make my employer mad for asking for compensation?
  • Can I lose my job after this incident?
  • How much am I entitled to?
  • What do all these rules and statutes mean?


The process of filing a workers’ compensation claim can feel daunting, as you battle not only insurance companies but also your employer. This process can make you fearful for your job and worried about the tension that you may feel with your boss. Before it gets to this point, it is important to reach out to a lawyer for help.

Contacting an attorney early on is important. With an experienced lawyer at on your side from the start of your case, you can eliminate these fears and put your case in the hands of professionals who know and understand the law. You can also receive the guidance you need in terms of what to tell insurance companies, how to continue working with your employer and what your rights are as far as medical care and monetary compensation.

By getting a workers’ compensation attorney involved early in the process, you can help protect your relationship with your company and keep your job.

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