In a personal injury case, knowing who's going to pay your medical bills while you wait for your settlement is important. Luckily, there are a couple different options that can help you until the compensation you deserve arrives.

First, if your personal injury case involves an auto accident, there are distinctions between Missouri and Kansas.

Missouri has a type of coverage called Medical Payments Coverage that can help; but it doesn't always pay. It's optional coverage that people have to opt in to get; and unfortunately, many people don't choose it when signing up for insurance.

If you do have it, Medical Payments Coverage is a no-fault type of insurance that wouldn't be chargeable against your driving record and would pay immediately for any medical bills you have, up to a certain amount.

In Kansas, every insured driver (except motorcyclists who have to opt in) has Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits, which are no-fault benefits as well. However, these benefits do usually have to be paid back — ideally from your personal injury settlement.

Secondly, your own health insurance coverage should pay if your automobile insurance is insufficient, or in most other instances. Your own health insurance may have to be paid back when you enter into settlement and receive funds from a personal injury claim to pay the bills.

Even then, an experienced personal injury attorney can oftentimes negotiate with your insurance company, so you may not have to pay back the full amount. As your personal injury case proceeds, be sure to talk it over with your attorney and let them know if you might need help talking to your insurance providers.

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