Workers' compensation laws are very complex and vary by state. Your employer will have an insurance company that's fully versed in the nuances of your state's laws to represent his or her interests.

To level the playing field, it's important you seek the help of an experienced workers' compensation attorney when you're injured on the job. It's particularly important to consult with a workers' comp attorney if your injuries are severe.

You may be entitled to benefits that cover medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation expenses. Also, if your injuries are serious enough to prevent you from earning a decent wage in the future, you may be able to collect damages related to lost future wages as well.

Your employer's insurance company will do everything possible to minimize payouts made on your claim. In some cases, they may even deny your claim. A workers' compensation attorney will help make certain you receive the appropriate damages for your injuries and help prevent insurance companies from trying to unjustly deny your claim.

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