Who decides where my car is repaired?
You can decide where your vehicle is repaired, though sometimes insurance companies will only "allow" you to get your car fixed at a shop that they approve.

Who will pay the fees for storage of my car?
The insurance company of the person who caused the accident should pay towing and storage costs, according to what is reasonable in your area. If the vehicle is totaled, the insurance company will pay to have it moved to a junk yard. If you do not allow your insurance company to move your car, you will be responsible for any storage or towing fees.

Who decides if my vehicle is repairable or "totaled"?
The insurance company who is liable for payment can decide that your vehicle is not worth repairing, which means that it is totaled. To be totaled, the cost of the labor and parts exceeds the market value of the vehicle. If you want to keep the vehicle after it has been declared a total loss, you will have to pay the salvage value to the insurance company.

Who pays the bank loan if my vehicle is financed?
You are still responsible for any loans on the vehicle. If the fair market value of your car is less than the outstanding loan, you still need to pay the entire amount of the loan.

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