Officials in Kansas City are looking to improve road safety by closely examining crash data from 2013 to 2017.

Most collisions have been linked to certain causes or types of crashes. The most common, according to the survey, were:

  • Lane departure is the most common cause of accidents, at 70%, resulting in 725 deaths and 3,547 serious injuries.
  • Many accidents, 51%, involve hitting a solid object, like a tree or a pole, causing 534 deaths and 2,763 serious injuries.
  • People who are not buckled up are more likely to be seriously hurt or killed in a crash. 41% of accidents involving unrestrained passengers resulted in 435 deaths and 2,435 severe injuries.
  • Aggressive drivers cause a significant number of accidents, 41%, resulting in 431 deaths and 1,828 serious injuries.
  • Teen drivers are involved in a high number of accidents, 33%, with 345 deaths and 3,114 serious injuries.
  • Drunk or impaired driving accounts for 31% of accidents, 321 deaths, and 1,500 serious injuries.
  • Many crashes happen on curves or bends in the road, at 23%, causing 246 deaths and 1,384 serious injuries.
  • Intersections are dangerous places where many accidents occur, at 21%, with 220 deaths and 524 serious injuries.
  • Driving without a license is risky and results in many accidents, at 21%, causing 216 deaths and 1,137 serious injuries.
  • Distracted drivers cause 16% of collisions, resulting in 163 deaths and 1,010 serious injuries.

This research sheds light on the causes of most accidents and the significant variables linked with increased injury and mortality rates.

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