We are always grateful when a client takes the time to leave a review after working with us. It not only helps us improve our services, but gives future clients insight on what to expect when they come into our office. A recent review, posted by Mr. Arnold, highlighted his experience in detail. We appreciate the time it took and wanted to share his experience on our website for others to see.  

In sum & substance, from inception of deciding to have Castle Law helping me with the filing of my bankruptcy. I am extremely pleased with the services provided.  Here are some of the reasons why I state this review:

“1st. Based on Mr. Amerine's TV commercials, I decided to go in on a Wednesday walk-in unscheduled meeting to discuss my personal situation and concerns.

2ndly. I sat in their lobby under 15 minutes before I was politely greeted & guided back to an attorney's office.

3rd. That attorney was Jason Amerine. I explained my personal reasons why I was there, Mr. Amerine (Jason) agreed my best avenue for relief, would be filing for bankruptcy (I've researched many avenues for relief such as debt consolidation, etc., so when Jason suggested bankruptcy, I wasn't at all surprised).

4th. During that meeting (which lasted about 1/2 hour), Jason pulled my credit report & went over the documents I provided before he suggested bankruptcy.  I was impressed by his thoroughness before his suggested relief of filing for bankruptcy.

5th. Just as his commercials stated, I was able to retain Castle Law Office's services for $100.00. Jason & his law firm immediately took over all the debt collectors calls & their mailings.  I am unable to explain what a huge burden I was personally feeling was lifted off my shoulders and mental relief.

6th. Jason assigned my case to one of the firm’s attorneys.

7th. I paid the amount Jason had stated they would need to go forward (which I thought was extremely reasonable), and, within a short amount of time, the very specific court documents were filled with the court.

8th. Once filed, I was guided, step-by-step, on what I needed to do.  I was extremely pleased with the way this team worked with me and kept me informed.

9th. I had several questions along the way. Every time I called Castle Law office, the receptionist looked up my name and transferred my call to my assigned team. I either spoke with my attorney's paralegal, my assigned attorney or I needed to leave a message when prompted. EACH & EVERY TIME I called, whether leaving a message or talking to one of my assigned legal team members, my specific concerns were either answered or taken care of in an exceptionally professional & timely mannerism.

10th. However, Castle Law doesn't just take your money and do the minimal amount required (i.e. take your money and run), they provided me after care. They provided me with other debt related services (from other companies) to help me getting my credit scores increased.  Castle Law doesn't have to do this (in my opinion) but does.

From my initial meeting with Jason to the discharge of my bankruptcy, inclusive of, the after discharge services, I am so grateful to Castle Law & pleased that I made the decision to retain Castle Law to help me with my debt issues.

I don't respond to surveys if the service is average.  I only respond if the service(s) are "substandard" or "exceptional".  In my experience, Castle Law not only provided exceptional care of my needs but went well beyond my expectations in their services and exceeded my expectations by providing extra support (at no extra cost) after my case was discharged.

Many thanks to Mr. Amerine, Castle Law & my specific legal team that helped me!!

Respectfully, Mr. Arnold”

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