Distracted driving is dangerous and the results are devastating. Research has proven that numerous times. Not only is it dangerous but it is also illegal so put down your phones while operating a motor vehicle and focus on the road. Texting, looking at Facebook, emailing, etc. while driving is out of control. The Overland Park Police Department estimates that 70% of all motor vehicle collisions are caused by distracted driving. Overland Park police released a video of a collision in which a distracted driver collided with the rear of another vehicle. This collision was easily preventable.

Fox 4 KC: https://fox4kc.com/2019/10/16/overland-park-police-share-scary-video-of-distracted-driving-crash-on-metcalf-avenue/?fbclid=IwAR2LIyYpHV-jKHAlE0hD--Xx8kcprCLu4XmYB52yOQItTOum_xOQQ0HwX9Y

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