Fatal car accidents are down 4.2 percent for the first half of 2013, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Estimates show that more than 15,000 people died in all forms of motor vehicle crashes from January 1 to June 30.

This is good news for traffic safety experts, who have worried that the recovering economy would mean more cars on the roads and more possibilities for accidents. After being on the decline for decades, traffic deaths went up sharply in 2012.

Experts think that the following may help contribute to the decreased rates of death:

  • Passenger safety improvements in vehicles, including better design and improved airbags
  • New active technologies, such as advanced collision avoidance systems and a new electronic stability control required in all new vehicles
  • Crackdowns on drunk or distracted drivers

Safer Vehicles

Several auto manufacturers such as Volvo and Nissan have set a goal to eliminate all traffic deaths in their vehicles.

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