Even if you have health insurance, keeping up with regular doctor’s appointments, paying for prescription drugs and affording treatments can be difficult. But if you haven’t seen a Kansas City doctor for your medical condition, or if your doctor isn’t on board with your decision to pursue Social Security Disability benefits, you are going to have a hard time convincing the Social Security Administration that you are disabled.

First, you should know that disability examiners base their decision partly on your medical records and the medical evidence from your treating doctors. Without a doctor’s visit within the last few months, the examiner has no proof that you are currently not able to work. But, if you have a long and extensive record of seeking treatment with doctors and trying numerous options, the examiner is more likely to believe your condition is disabling.
There are exceptions, of course, and the Social Security Administration is not allowed to draw any conclusions about your failure to treat without considering whether or not you have a good reason for it.

Second, your application for benefits is likely to move more quickly if you have a doctor who is supportive. You and your doctor will have to provide copies of medical records, and your doctor will have to fill out forms. If your doctor is willing to complete a detailed statement that describes a brief medical history, a diagnosis of your impairment, your response to treatment, and your prognosis for the future, it could dramatically increase your change of being approved for disability.

An experienced SSDI attorney in Kansas and Missouri can help appeal your case by making sure all of the paperwork is handled correctly, make sure deadlines are not missed and providing records to the examiner. The regulations are extremely complex, and it’s important to have an expert Kansas City lawyer on your side.

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