Because dogs are the most common pet that may bite and injure someone, here are a few tips to avoid an injury. Most of these tips apply to other domestic animals as well.

  • Don't approach strange dogs or try to pet a dog behind a fence. Protective of their territory, they are likely to lash out when they feel that they're being threatened.
  • Never touch a dog without allowing him to sniff your hand first. This allows the dog to become accustomed to you without feeling threatened. If a dog approaches you to sniff your hand, remain still.
  • Don't try to pet the dog while it is eating, sleeping, chewing a toy or caring for puppies.
  • If the dog is with its owner, ask to approach the dog first. It's not safe to assume that all dogs like to be greeted — either by a person or another dog.
  • Don't run from or past a dog. Dogs love to chase!
  • Never leave a baby or small child alone with a dog, even if you know the dog. Many serious injuries and deaths occur when dogs are left alone with small children and infants.

Steps You Can Take When You've Suffered a Bite
When you've been bitten by a domestic animal like a dog or cat, it's hard not to let emotions take control. Fear, panic, anxiety and physical pain can distract you from taking the important steps necessary after your bite.

  1. Identify the animal that bit you and note, or have a witness note if you cannot, anything specific about the animal.
  2. Get medical help.
  3. Report the incident to your local animal control center and/or police department. Keep track of the date you filed the report and with whom you spoke.
  4. Call Castle Law Office to begin the process of getting compensation for the injuries and losses suffered.

It is also extremely important to take photos of your injuries and the accident location. Without putting yourself in additional danger, take pictures of the animal that bit you. Our office may take additional photos to properly document the case.

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