Ending Creditor Harassment

Creditor harassment can be frightening, annoying, and nonstop. In a never-ending onslaught of official-sounding letters and phone calls in the evening, it can be easy to give in and let yourself be forced into payment arrangements that simply aren't keeping within the realistic limits of your personal income and budget at this time. We are not saying that you should avoid paying creditors at all costs, but we do want you to know there are other options.

Yes, creditors are somewhat limited by current laws with regard to collection practices, but many creditors push the limit of those laws. One tactic some creditors use is an auto dialer. The auto dialer calls your phone at set times throughout the day, either leaving an automated message about your debt or connecting you to a person if you pick up. This means that your phone could be ringing constantly, interrupting your work or other daily activities.

Creditors, sometimes send legal-sounding notices simply to try to scare you into making a payment arrangement. We realize that if you could afford to make such arrangements, you probably would have done so already.

Tactics Creditors Can Use

Finally, some creditors will even lie to you, saying you could go to jail or that other bad things will happen if you don't make an immediate payment. Know that you will not go to jail in America over a private debt. But the creditor is right that other negative things could happen if you don't take action: The creditor could get a judgement against you and try to garnish your wages, for example.

An Option to Eliminate Debt

One option for stopping all of this harassment -- and getting your financial ship straight again -- is bankruptcy. Castle Law Office is here, right here, to help you understand what options are available for you and how you can legally manage your critical debt situation to stop harassment and create a more viable future.

If you are trapped by the burden of debt, call our bankruptcy office now at 816-842-6200, or click here to email us. Debt can affect many areas of your life and we want to help you reach a financial fresh start! 
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