Major airplane accidents are traumatizing physically, mentally and emotionally. People are killed or seriously injured on planes every year. Castle Law Office will advocate for the rights of those involved in private aviation accidents, commercial airline aviation accidents or helicopter accidents, and get you the compensation you deserve.

Thankfully, commercial airplane crashes are relatively rare. However, thousands of people are injured during their flights every year from such things as:

  • Inflight turbulance
  • Hot coffee or beverage spills that result in burns
  • Dropped luggage from the overhead compartment that can cause severe head and neck injuries
  • Impacts between the drink cart and elbows, knees or feet in the aisle
  • Falls on the jetway due to defective equipment


In the aftermath of one of these events, hiring a personal injury attorney can be one of the best things you can do. Relying on the airline for information and support could result in you not receiving the best compensation possible.

At Castle Law Office, an experienced personal injury attorney will assist you or your loved one in your case. Call us at 816-842-7100 for your free personal injury consultation today, or email us to schedule your appointment. We will treat your case with the utmost personal respect and confidence. Castle Law Office may work with, consult with, or associate with other firms in these cases.

Remember, your initial consultation is free, and we don't get paid unless you win.

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