An explosive report from a non-profit senior advocacy group ranks Missouri 47th in a state-by-state survey of nursing home care, receiving an “F” for having facilities with severe deficiencies, poor health inspections, low hours for registered nurses and a high number of verified complaints.

This is the second straight year (2013, 2014) that Missouri nursing homes have received an "F" grade.

“Missouri represents what’s terribly wrong with nursing home care and oversight in America,” said Brian Lee, the executive director for Families for Better Care, Inc. “State officials and industry representative should be ashamed of their abysmal nursing home record.”

Missouri nursing home residents on average receive less than 35 minutes of professional nursing care per day. Nearly one in five nursing homes were cited for widespread abuse, severe neglect and mistreatment of the residents. Advocates verified 99.04% of complaints as true.

“Inadequate staffing contributes to the enormity of nursing home neglect,” said Lee.  “Residents are unable to be cared for properly if they’re limited to 35 minutes of professional nursing daily.”

By comparison, Kansas received an overall grade of “D.” While residents lacked time with professional nurses – receiving RN care for only 45 minutes per day – 40 percent of Kansas nursing homes scored above average health inspections and average nursing home care ranked second in the Central Plains region. Still, Lee calls for states to take a hard look at their nursing homes.

“Slipshod care has festered for decades in far too many of our state’s nursing homes, culminating into thousands of painful or deadly blunders for elderly and disabled residents,” Lee stated. “It’s beyond time that states take a hard look at their nursing home care and figure out what’s working so residents receive safer, more affordable care.”

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