Injuries From Riding a Motorcycle

While motorcycle accidents cause a wide range of injuries, one of the most common are injuries to the legs or feet – specifically bone fractures. This is because the legs are often the first thing to hit the ground and are relatively unprotected.

According to the Center for Disease Control, about 30% of non-fatal motorcycle injuries are to the legs, pelvis and knees. These extreme injuries can cost tens of thousands of dollars in hospital bills and leave you on crutches or bedridden for months. 

Most of these accidents occur from the front – such as the motorcyclist hitting another driver or non-moving object – and about 30% are non-collision accidents, such as laying the motorcycle down on the side to try and avoid a collision. While these injuries are usually not fatal, they can result in costly medical treatment and even cause permanent disability.

Types of Motorcycle Injuries

  • Foot – 84% of foot injuries include breaks to the boney regions of the foot, such as the metatarsal (long bones in the foot), tarsal (area in front of heel) or calcaneus (heel).

  • Ankle – 90% of all ankle injuries are fractures to the tibia (shinbone) and ankle bone. 

  • Leg – Tibia and fibula (calf bone) fractures account for 95% of all leg injuries.

  • Knee – Fractures of the tibial plateau (the top and exterior part of the tibia) and kneecap account for 55% of knee injuries.

  • Thigh – 94% of injuries to the thigh were femur fractures, an injury that is very difficult to treat and will likely cause you to have surgery.

  • Hips – Hip dislocation is the most common injury to the hip, but fractures to neck of the femur are the second most common hip injuries. These are also very significant injuries that usually require surgery.

  • Pelvis – Different forms of pelvic fractures account for 69% of pelvic injuries. Pelvic fractures can also cause internal bleeding, making emergency treatment crucial.

Any fracture to the lower extremities can cause months of pain while you are healing. It’s important to make sure you have an experienced motorcycle attorney representing your case. 

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