Did you know: School buses are seven times safer than passenger cars??

National School Bus Safety Week is celebrated during the third full week of October each year. It is a time to raise awareness about the importance of school bus safety and to remind everyone of their role in keeping our children safe here in Kansas City. School buses are the safest way for children to travel to and from school. However, accidents can happen, so it is important to be aware of the safety rules and to take steps to prevent injuries.

Here are some tips for staying safe on and around school buses:

  1. Obey the flashing lights and stop sign. When a school bus is stopped with its flashing lights on and stop sign extended, all traffic in both directions must stop. Drivers must remain stopped until the flashing lights turn off and the stop sign is retracted.
  2. Stay alert and be aware of your surroundings. When approaching a school bus, slow down and watch for children crossing the street. Be especially careful at intersections and in school zones.
  3. Never pass a school bus when it is stopped. This is illegal and dangerous.
  4. Load and unload the bus safely. Take extra precautions and be mindful when a school bus is dropping off or picking up.  
  5. Parents can also play a role in keeping their children safe on school buses by talking to them about the safety rules and practicing them at home. Parents should also make sure that their children are dressed appropriately for the weather and that they have the necessary safety gear, such as backpacks and rain gear.

National School Bus Safety Week is a great time to remind everyone of the importance of school bus safety. By following the safety rules and taking steps to prevent injuries, we can help to keep our children safe on and around school buses.

Jason C. Amerine
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