When you get on a motorcycle, it's important to take the appropriate safety precautions. It could save a life.

  • Inspect your bike for any loose bolts or any visible damages. A quick inspection could advert a problem.
  • Check tire pressure. The right tire pressure makes taking corners and turns safer and easier.
  • Wear the right attire. Leather pants, coats and gloves all protect your skin should you get in an accident. Leather is durable and acts like a second skin to protect you from road rash and the elements. Goggles and face protection are also important.
  • Wear a helmet. Helmets save lives. They protect your head and, most importantly, can prevent serious traumatic brain injury if you are in a motorcycle accident and hurt your head.

Kansas Helmet Law
Riders under the age of 18 in Kansas are required to wear a helmet. Adults have the option to wear a helmet.

Chapter 8. Automobiles and Other Vehicles. Article 15. Uniform Act Regulating Traffic; Rules of the Road, Special Rules for Motorcycles. Section 8-1598. Operation of motorcycles; equipment required for operators and riders. :

"(a) No person under the age of 18 years shall operate or ride upon a motorcycle or a motorized bicycle, unless wearing a helmet which complies with minimum performance requirements established by the national highway traffic safety administration pursuant to the national traffic and motor vehicle safety act of 1966 for helmets designed for use by motorcyclists and other motor vehicle users."

Missouri Helmet Law
Missouri requires motorcyclists of all ages to wear helmets.

Title XIX. Motor Vehicles, Watercraft and Aviation. Chapter 302. Drivers' and Commercial Drivers' Licenses. Section 302.020. Operation of Motor Vehicle Without Proper License Prohibited -- Motorcycles -- Special License -- Protective Headgear -- Penalty. :

". . . 2. Every person operating or riding as a passenger on any motorcycle or motortricycle, as defined in section 301.010, RSMo, upon any highway of this state shall wear protective headgear at all times the vehicle is in motion. . . ."

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