If your Social Security disability claim was denied, you are no doubt frustrated and disappointed. It’s a complicated process with no sure result, but a denial doesn’t mean that your case has to end. The Social Security Administration allows you to appeal your case three times after a denial.

So why would the administration deny your case? According to the Annual Statistical Report on the program, the top reasons for denial were:

  • The disability was not found to be severe enough.
  • The person was able to do their past work.
  • The person was able to do other types of work.

The evaluation process used to decide if a person is disable consists of five steps. They evaluate whether or not you are current working, if the condition is severe enough to interfere with basic work activities, if your condition is on the list of impairments it considers “severe,” if you can do the type of work that you previously did, or if you can do any other type of work.

Your disability must be severe enough that you haven’t worked for 12 months or more, and that the condition won’t improve. And the SSA has to be able to find you during this time period, and you must cooperate by releasing your medical records and following all of your doctor’s prescribed therapies.

If you’ve been denied Social Security benefits, an attorney can help guide you through the appeals process and give you expert legal assistance. If you are disable by a combination of medical problems, or have a diagnosis of pain or mental illness, having a Social Security lawyer can be a big help.

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