Bankruptcy can be a great option for relieving you of debts. But sometimes people will try to trick the system and deliberately run up debts right before filing bankruptcy.

This behavior is like a red flag for the bankruptcy court, and they may want to know more about your case if they see it. To help your bankruptcy process run smoothly, you should make sure to keep these general guidelines in mind:

  • Don't buy a yacht. If you're about to file bankruptcy, keep away from major purchases on credit if possible. Don't invest in large or expensive items, because it can look to the court like you never intended to pay the debt in the first place. If you do purchase a luxury item, you may have to prove to the court that it was necessary for the health of your family in order to have the debt discharged in your bankruptcy.
  • Don't fret about normal life costs. If you need to buy medications, food and other items for normal life, it's OK to buy those on credit even immediately before filing bankruptcy. Keep in mind that before a bankruptcy, it's always wise to limit spending to things you and your family need.
  • You could (but may not need to) delay your bankruptcy. Some people who have run up credit card debt before filing bankruptcy decide to delay the filing until a later date so their purchases don't appear to be fraudulent. However, delaying is quite often not necessary, and in some cases could hurt you. As a bankruptcy attorney in Kansas City, I can help you determine how each of your options will affect your case.
  • Start living without credit. Once you file bankruptcy, you won't be able to use credit cards for a little while. Why not get in the habit now of living a credit-free life? To the best of your ability, keep your credit spending down. You'll look better to the courts, strengthen healthy spending habits, and make the process of filing easier to get used to.


If you have any other questions about filing for bankruptcy in Kansas City, I'm happy to help. Our bankruptcy attorneys at will walk you through the process and make sure you feel confident about your options.

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