Are you panicked because a foreclosure is about to go through on your house? Maybe you've received warnings from the bank, and now the deadline is drawing near for you to make your payments. Perhaps you're worried about your house being auctioned or your family being evicted.

A lot of people who come to our office for the first time do so to avoid foreclosure. Bankruptcy puts a stop to foreclosure immediately and can help you save your house even after you've received threats. Once we file a bankruptcy case, that puts an immediate stop on any foreclosure activities.

Other law firms may not have the staff to immediately file a case and stop your foreclosure. But Castle Law Office has an entire department dedicated to bankruptcy. We know how urgent these cases can be, and we will work tirelessly to save your house.

If you're facing foreclosure and need to put a stop to it TODAY, we can help. We will work quickly to make sure you keep your property. Call us at 816-842-6200, or email us today!

Jason C. Amerine
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President and Owner, Castle Law Office of Kansas City