Going through foreclosure can be an agonizing event for the whole family, but kids can be hit especially hard. While your instinct may be to hide the issue, your children should be told about the foreclosure, even if they aren’t old enough to fully understand the process.

Here are some tips for talking with your kids:

Be honest, but don’t scare them. Kids appreciate honesty. They can see that you are stressed and they know something is going on. Explain that you need to find a place to live that’s less expensive. Try to stress the concept that a home is something that you buy and sell, and that it’s normal for houses to be sold. Have a serious talk, but one without emotion or anger.

Don’t worry about details. You don’t have to get into the nuances of your mortgage or your finances. Just explain the situation in an age-appropriate way and reassure them that they can trust you to make the best decisions for your family. Children crave routine and stability, so just reassure them that while some things will change, the family will not.

Let them ask questions. Younger kids can be worried about their special things or when they’ll be able to see their friends. Older kids can be embarrassed and worried about what their friends will think. Allow your kids to share their fears and ask questions. Answer them as simply as you can.

Spend quality time with your kids. You are the rock your children lean on, and especially in times of turmoil, spending time together as a family can help your kids adjust. Explore your city and find some fun, low-cost activities that you can do together.

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