Motorcycle sales have climbed in recent years, and with more motorcyclists on the road, we’re seeing more motorcycle accidents, injuries and fatalities. In fact, 80% of the motorcycle accidents in Missouri result in death or serious injury.

While taking a motorcycle safety class or refresher course can help riders avoid accidents, here are some other things to watch to prevent an accident in Missouri or Kansas.

  • Watch for cars making left-hand turns. This accounts for 42% of all accidents involving a motorcycle and car. Usually, the car hits the motorcycle as it’s going straight through an intersection or if the motorcyclist is trying to pass the car. Always be vigilant and aware of your surroundings at intersections. You can lessen injuries from possible accidents by making sure to wear the proper safety gear.

  • Motorcycle lane splitting. This is a common type of accident because of close proximity to cars, little maneuvering room for the motorcyclist and surprised car drivers who aren’t expecting a motorcycle to be passing them in slowed or stopped traffic. Lane splitting is illegal in both Kansas and Missouri, so you will be at fault if you attempt this maneuver and cause an accident.

  • Speeding or drunk driving. Half of all accidents involving a single motorcycle can be attributed to either speeding or alcohol use. About 40% of speeding accidents happen at curves in the road. And alcohol affects both balance and coordination – skills that are essential to riding a motorcycle. In Kansas and Missouri in 2011, almost 40 percent of fatal motorcycle accidents involved riders who were over the legal blood alcohol limit.

  • Unawareness of road hazards. Due to the smaller size of motorcycles and the less stable nature of the vehicle, road hazards pose a serious threat to riders. A good riding philosophy is SEE Search around you for potential hazards, Evaluate possible hazards, and Execute the proper avoidance technique. Daydreaming while riding a motorcycle is never a good idea.


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